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Scorps! Advisors and Mentors

Hi. I'm Jeff and I am not a robot, but I do like unicorns, poetry, and long walks in the park. For me, it all started with a little boy and a dream...I can dance the robot marginally well and can handle a pair of foam nunchuks. I mainly just take pictures and pay for stuff.

Hello, my name is Mark! I love everything mechanical and helping people understand everything.

Scorps! Members

My name is Justin Terryberry and I am the president of the team. I love seeing everyone come together and work on one project. The progress that can be achieved when people work as a team amazes me. I help out with anything I can during the meeting while trying to provide a safe and entertaining environment.

My name is Xavier Barneclo and I am the current vice president of the robotics club. I was instrumental in starting the club, writing grants, dealing with paperwork, etc. I worked on the pneumatics and some electrical components. for the robot, I also helped design the arm. 

Hey, I'm Joey and I like computers and underground music. I'm currently a senior at Cam High and plan to major in computer science. On our robot, I was primarily responsible for programming.

Hello, I'm Eldrish! I love computers and video games. I am currently a senior at Cam high, and I plan to major in Computer Science. I worked on the electrical side of the robot. I was also the lead developer on the website you are on now, I hope you like it!

Hello, I’m Dakota Frost! a sophmore at ACHS. I'm amazing when it comes to mathematics. For robotics, I contributed to the mechanical and electrical construction of the robot.

Hello, I'm Malie Mayer! I am currently a Junior at Cam high and I love dogs. I worked on the electrical/mechanical side of the robot. I  was also a key in the creation of the bumpers!

Hello, I'm Andrew! I'm an engineer and an artist that just likes to create things. I helped with everything mechanical and electrical.

Hello, I'm Trevor! I am currently a sophmore at Cam High. I enjoy and plan on continueing a pursuit of understanding Computer Science for the forseeable future. I worked on mechanical as well as electrical components of the robot. I was also a key component in the creation of the bumpers.

Hello, my name is Huy! I love math and eating watermelons. I helped with the mechanical and electrical side of the robot!

Hi, my name is Will! I love everything there is about space. I helped with the mechanical side of the robot.

Hello, my name is Jackon, and I'm jewish! I helped program the robot.